Marine Services


APMSCo provides Pilots, tugs and mooring teams to facilitate any movement of shipping within the port of Aqaba. Charges for these services are set by ASEZA and can be viewed by selecting the box marked “Scale of Charges”

Calculating and estimating the tug requirements indicating the bollard pull necessary for any particular movement is decided upon by the vessel's Master and the APMSCO Pilot assigned to the operation. To assist in this decision making a model has been developed by a Dutch Company "MARIN" specialising in marine simulations.   More details of the recommended bollard pull for different kinds of vessels are included in the VTS section.

APMSCo also offers launch transport to and from vessels off the port or in the anchorage area at rates agreed to by ASEZA.

APMSCo also has a diving capability which can be requested by ships as and when required. Ships requesting diving assistance to clear obstructions from their propellers, or cleaning out "sea-chests" etcetera can call upon this diving support via their agents. Also APMSCO Divers contribute in cleaning the marine environment withing Aqaba.

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