Our Poeple


It is fundamental to the integrity and continued success of APMSCO that it upholds the highest possible professional and ethical standards of business – and is seen to do so.

This places a responsibility on every APMSCO employee to conduct her/himself according to practices which reinforce our reputation for professionalism, ethical business conduct and honesty.

All APMSCO employees recognise that meeting the expectations of its stakeholders means adopting only the highest standards in policy and practice. This not only requires an effective management system but the means to effectively measure our peoples’ performance against our goals.


Employees are continuously measured against core job competences, corporate values, and personal targets that are designed to be challenging and enhance individual performance. Each employees future potential is also evaluated and those that are ready and capable are given the opportunity to develop or enhance their skills and knowledge preparing them for promotion. Adoption of best practice at APMSCO goes beyond simple compliance with legal requirements and embraces a performance improvement cycle that empowers its people to lead the way.


Managers that have been identified for possible future promotions are encouraged to take general and marine management qualifications, where appropriate, usually through distance learning study programs. Management trainees typically follow training programs that combine both periods at sea and onshore with a recognized management or professional qualification.


All professionally qualified employees are encouraged to maintain their knowledge up-to-date typically through distance learning programs, seminars and other externally delivered training courses. Our pilots, tug masters and engineers have to maintain the validity of their certificates of competency according to IMO, STCW convention.






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